What is Readonweb?

Readonweb is dedicated to clear and easy reading on the Internet. More and more companies are chasing the growing Internet advertising pie, filling the webpages with verbal and visual clutter. Readonweb provides a software tool and an online service that removes the clutter from webpages.

In the beginning...

In the fall of 2002, Readonweb founder Changchun Xie planned to return to graduate school to work toward an MBA degree. His first step in moving toward that goal was the preparation for the GMAT and the achievement of a high verbal score on the test. To help him attain that goal, he developed a software program that eliminates the clutter, such as advertisements and other extraneous information that fill most webpages. This left only the clearly readable main text that he could easily focus on in training himself to read faster and improve his comprehension.

Why Readonweb?

Because the Internet is in the public domain, Changchun believes that people should not have to endure the intrusions of advertisements and must "take back" the free Internet. Through Readonweb this can be achieved. With the clutter removed from webpages, we can all read on the Web more efficiently and effectively, the way it should be.

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