Clean Pages on the Web

CleanPage automatically strips all advertisements and other junk from a webpage, and extracts the main text-based content. This main body text is then fit on the screen, spoken aloud, emailed, printed, saved, and imported for speed reading or editing. All the features can be easily accessed by one click on the toolbar or by keyboard shortcut.

CleanPage runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 with Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.

Why Use CleanPage?
  • Maximize efficiency and minimize eye strain while reading the Web. CleanPage strips the distracting clutter and fits the main body text on the screen.
  • Text-to-Speech on webpages. CleanPage reads webpages' main text out loud.
  • Improve reading skills. CleanPage imports webpages' main body text into a speed reading window to let you practice reading. (Story from Readonweb's founder)
  • Save printing cost. CleanPage prints only the main context text of a webpage.
  • Edit the main text by one click
    CleanPage automatically transfers the webpage's main text into the Microsoft Word.
  • People with reading difficulties such as Visual Impairment or Dyslexia can now enjoy reading the Web with webpages' main text displayed in their favorite styles.

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